AC-DC Power Supplies

Power supplies convert Alternating Current (AC) into Direct Current (DC). There is a wide choice of input and output voltages and power capacity to meet your specific requirements. Samlex Power supplies spectrum includes:

Desktop Power Supplies

Samlex’s high efficiency switching desktop power supplies are compact, attractive and functional. Originally designed for communications these products also work well for a large variety of applications.

Power Supplies with Radio Cabinets

Samlex base station power supplies are designed specifically to integrate your land mobile radio with a switching DC power supply to create an attractive and functional base station system. Radio cabinets are also sold separately, see 'Parts and Accessories'.

Rackmount Power Supplies

Switching Power Supplies are conveniently mounted in 19” racks and are available with a wide range of input and output voltages. Output power ranges from 10 Amps to 100 Amps and upwards.