Custom Manufacturing

Power Conversion Products

Samlex offers custom manufacturing services for specialty components and finished power conversion products.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services are available to companies that require high quality, low cost alternatives to manufacturing finished goods in their own facilities. Samlex can assist in all areas of product development from initial design to final assembly and packaging.

You will work directly with our OEM team and develop a plan to have your power conversion product manufactured to your precise specifications or to develop cost saving strategies by modifying your existing product for mass production in one of our offshore assembly factories.

The OEM process can be simply described in 7 steps:
  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Documentation
    • Preparation of Bill of Materials (BOM)
    • Circuit diagrams, custom component schematics, PCB layout, mechanical drawings, and testing procedures review.
    • Safety approval standards review.
    • Labeling and packaging design and artwork.
  3. Quotation
    • Samlex will provide a price and delivery quotation for your finished power conversion product.
    • The quotation will state all terms and shipping details.
  4. Conditional Order
    • Your order is placed and would be subject to confirmation and final approval prior to commencing with production.
  5. Power Conversion Product Samples
    • Samlex will prepare pre-production samples of your power conversion product for your evaluation, testing and approval.
  6. Confirmed Order
    • Upon your approval of the pre-production samples, your order would now be confirmed and production dates would be scheduled.
  7. Production
    • During the production of your custom power conversion products we would encourage you to visit the factory for final inspection of your products and packaging before they are packaged for shipment to your chosen destination.

The OEM process can, in most instances, be taken through to the production step by exchanging information with the Samlex OEM team located in Vancouver, Canada via e-mail, fax, telephone and courier services. We would welcome your personal visit to our offices any time during the process and would be pleased to accompany you to our assembly factories located in Asia for inspection.

Samlex has been successfully providing OEM services to customers located around the world for more than a decade and are confident we can save your company time and money by taking advantage of our offshore manufacturing expertise and mass production capabilities.